Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dustless Baby Powder by BabyMagic

Part of the illustraton I did for BabyMagic© is up on their website...
which is exciting because I hope that the larger part of the image is soon up as well.
That job was really cute... I had some pretty neat sketches (if I may say so myself) before creating the final artwork. I can post a few here... but the product itself is actually really amazing too! Click on the title of this post for a link to the website if you are interested.

I've seen videos that show an artist's technique when painting/drawing but not a whole lot that document the start to finish of an actual hired job. I suppose there is a lot of secrecy to some work when in the preliminary stages... I know with children's books you can't necessarily show anything until the book is actually released. Seeing these sketches makes me wish I had documented it... I still have a folder full of all my notes and thumbnails... my color roughs and scans.... I have these for almost every book I've done as well. It's kind of fun to keep and look through once in a while. :)
Almost as fun as the actual book!

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