Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring in Full Bloom

So I know I have been a bit MIA from my blog... which is rare, but I found out several months ago that I was pregnant :o  and so I have been dealing with that along with some pretty intense morning sickness!!  I am now safely in my second trimester and feeling well enough and at a point that I can write about it.
Josh and I are excited (it was planned) and looking forward to meeting our "Boo."  We won't know what we're having until a few more weeks but I really just want someone healthy!


I have sketches!!  Lots of Fadenrot work... and some fun sketches I was inspired to do as I was watching Coraline... (I watch that movie a LOT).

Possible book project in the future with a starter company... possible other projects... lots of life changes... so we'll see where it all leads!! I am pleased to have you with me!!!