Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Fun Little Book

I went to Barnes and Noble the other night with Josh just to perk up and get out of the house for a bit... and found this little jewel (they have an Easter theme going on in the children's book section):

I leave it on my desk next to (written by Boni Ashburn) Julia Denos' I Had A Favorite Dress - great inspiration!  :)  

Tonight was catch up on some freelance work for Fadenrot that has been long overdue.  :)

Some sketches:
The last one I had put together in Photoshop really quick.  Anyway, I hope to get the okay to start painting these soon!

Tomorrow should be focusing on some storyboards for the Christmas cookie book I had posted before. :) I'm really excited to get this project going as well.

Meanwhile, Easter is soon arriving as well!  Lots of work on the horizon... and taxes tomorrow.  YAY.


For some reason, too, I can't seem to comment on blogs... I read a bunch of wonderful posts on some blogs I follow and tried to leave some comments and it will get to the point where it is about to post and then a second window opens that says "error."  Not sure why this is as this has never happened before.

As I write this, Josh is listening to more of Philip Marlow on I-Tunes... "The Medium Was Rare"... HAHAHAH.... its really awesome.  It features a Fortune Teller that is a hoax... thus the pun.  We sometimes listen to this... they're really great stories.  Nice to listen to while you work.  We tried to listen to some Sherlock Holmes but the voice that read the stories was really horrid.  It wasn't voice-acting, just straight reading, so it was a bit harder to listen to as well.  I actually have this habit of working with a movie on in the background- mostly because I like listening to the story.  I don't even watch.  Josh can't work that way though so I only do it when he isn't working in the studio at the same time.

Well, anyway, hope everyone is having a good night!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Weekend

It is Sunday morning, the dogs have been out, the husband is asleep- soon to be awakened- and I am thinking about this weekend so far.
I met with one of my clients, Safia Guerras, the author of the soon-to-be-released Lou Lou, and she has the most amazing news!  Of course, I can't share it yet, but what my point is that you never know where talent lies, you never know where one project will take you... and I am really grateful for all the opportunities and all the times I was ever asked to be a part of a project.  These are people's dreams!  And its really amazing.  All the people involved.. all the hard work... and then of course, all the little readers that will see the story and hopefully love it.
We are all so lucky...whether the stories we work on are small or big.  :)

I am excited for the future!

I also wanted to post this painting I finished a while ago and never got around to putting up.  She's off for adventure, to places she's never been before!
Whatever lies ahead, we should take off running!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am up to my ears in work... the day job's been keeping me busy, I have work that is due by Monday that I have all prep work ready, I just finished a painting that was due tomorrow morning, and whilst scanning this image, managed to scan some older personal work that I had been meaning to post.  (I put them both up on my website, this is just one).

Oh, also this is the final I did for the Christmas cookie sketch I had posted a while ago... There were some changes that were requested so it is a bit different.  I will post the sketches to the final to show the changes...

To tell you the truth, I still like the first sketch the most... :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012