Thursday, June 04, 2009

The draft so far...

This is super rough, and there is a lot to fix, but I wanted to post what I am working on so far in case anyone had suggestions... It's also cut-off a bit...

I am actually on I-Chat with my twin as I post this asking her for feedback.

Josh told me about another site where you can link all your portfolios, blogs, websites, etc. for illustrators.  It is Illustration Mundo.  Click on the title of this blog to peruse...

I STILL intend to link more people on my blog, but just haven't really gotten around to it... I think it should be much more interesting once I have a bit more going on with this blog.  I believe there's also a way to get my blog streaming on my website, but I still haven't quite figured that out.  I'm sure there will be a day when I can sit down and re-vamp what I have so it is a bit more fun and everything is properly linked.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and Christine is visiting, so I will be waiting on that painting... which is probably good... I need that time to "sleep on it" so that I don't rush anything... Not to mention how good ideas always seem to hit me in my sleep!

Man, I'm delirious... but nothing compared to Josh.  He almost fell over today while we were getting dinner from working 48 hours straight- zero sleep.  I think "all nighters" are a lot harder to pull.  Poor man.  But he has some new pieces up on threadless now!  If you click on his name under my links it should have all sorts of fun stuff that he's been doing...

Well, good night world.  Sleep well.  "Dream of large women."

(If you don't know where that quote is from, I am sorry).

Some ideas

I will at some point, link all the amazing artists whose blogs I follow, as well as those I found on Flickr, because I feel like it's just too selfish to keep them all to myself.

I also plan on getting my new painting drafted... I started it yesterday night and am sooo excited to paint it! However, my friend from CA is coming up tomorrow night so I have to put it off for a bit. It's inspired by my most recent find Mr. John Shelley (who is linked to the title of this blog). I was perusing JacketFlap and saw his portfolio and was pretty much blown away. I read that he lived in Tokyo for 20 years. My mom is Japanese and actually in Japan right now (I miss her!!!) and so I thought how much I wanted to illustrate something that includes my own heritage. It's a Japanese street scene with some children on rooftops and doing some other mischevious things... but still in the making.

I will have to post more later!