Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater... and other sketches

So it's Sunday night.  I managed to do my character sketches for Fadenrot as well as do some sketches of my own.  These are a few for the Peter Pumpkin Eater poem... :)  I kind of liked it to be a bit dark... so in case its hard to see in the bottom ones, she's actually sort of being kept prisoner.  I wanted to put bars on the windows and the gate to be a bit intimidating...

I also did a little sketch of what I thought Mrs. Hudson from Sherlock Holmes might look like when she was younger... the boy was maybe a love interest?  I didn't go very far with that idea... I did kind of think she must've been a bit mischievous?  and perhaps had an interest in Mystery novels? ;)
I also did a little sketch with a girl and her Scottish terrier... My mother-in-law just put her Scottie down... and I couldn't help imagining a little girl with a matching bow on her dog... 
Anyway, I hope that I can get a final version of the Peter Pumpkin Eater painted... but a little birdie told me that starting Monday I may be a bit over my head with work!

Once I get approval on my work for Fadenrot I can then show those sketches as well.

Well, the house is clean... the dogs are sleepy... Josh is typing away at his new script... what a day!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Personal Work as a Means to A Better Portfolio

I have been inspired by a blog post by Amy June Bates (one of my most favorite illustrators!!!) to take up my big ol' book of collected Children's stories and just illustrate from these as a personal project.  Updating my website with personal paintings I think adds flavor, adds fun, and definitely can help show off some skill!  I can pretend I am "on assignment" to illustrate my favorite rhymes and stories... ;)
Meanwhile, my favorite client, Fadenrot, has contacted me to do some fairy tale based illustrations as well!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Feeling Charmed

Hello all~
I finally finished my last interior page for a book that I was working on during December!  It was a crazy deadline and consisted of a week with no sleep and lots of painting, but in the end, it was totally worth it!  From what it sounds like, there is promising interest for it in the UK and this is exciting!  I am extremely grateful for the work and also am very hopeful for the book as well.  Here is an interior I did...
Once I get more info and the okay, I will post more info! I believe it will be released in March!

All of this excitement meant that I also had NO time to do any housework.... so this weekend I had bags of laundry to haul around and I'm still not done... dishes, etc... I will hopefully get this all caught up soon.  Josh also got a pretty bad cold this weekend so I had to help him out too.... Feverish and dizzy and totally congested, poor man.