Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Draft with Paint!

I did the first draft of my Cinderella painting for Fadenrot... the paint is not strong enough yet to print so back to the drawing desk!

I'm relieved to finally have this out though- my poor client was waiting patiently for this...and I still have two more to go!

On a different note, this Friday is Josh and my First Anniversary!  We are just going to take it easy and window shop around town.  :)  Should be nice!  We don't usually have a day off to ourselves... ;)

So, I expect starting this weekend to be even more busy... with finals for the Christmas story, book 2 for Lou Lou in the works, and of course, Fadenrot! ;)  Wish me luck....

Sunday, April 01, 2012

a New Christmas Story...

Here are some select pages from storyboards I did for a new Christmas-themed book I am working on... I had already posted the roughs for one of the pages as well.  I had a lot of fun with these... lots of different scenery and some playful text.  :)  I was debating between illustrating a pug in this book since I had the opportunity to have a dog in the story, but I had to do a Shih tzu because my sister owned one named Otis and I adored him!!  She's moving so she had to give him away and I wanted to take him, but we can only have two dogs in our apartment.  In any case, he has a good home now, but I think about him a lot.  You can see a picture of him with me, in the background...   Anyway, I hope that I get the "go ahead" soon so I can start painting away!  Hope you all had an awesome weekend... now I can go read more of Catching Fire (the sequel to The Hunger Games)!  PS: the movie is good, too!