Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Character Images

Well I got the ok to paint and also to post some work-in-progress images from my publisher, Downtown Bookworks, Inc. I decided to crop some scenes from the book that I recently did the storyboards for that show a bit of this little girl's personality-- she's the tomboyish looking girl.
I ended up doing a couple revisions for this story but I think that it should end up being something I can be proud of... I really like this little girl's character... I was a tomboy growing up and didn't feel really girly until I was much older-- and even now I don't think I'm super girly either.
I remember when I was younger wishing I had grown up as a boy or a cat. The cat because I knew that if I were a cat I wouldn't have to go to school. Well, I say I was a tomboy, but I wasn't really a "jock" either... more like a girl that dressed like a boy and read and drew a lot of comics... I think I was just a bit shy... although I haven't really grown out of that much. For example, my now best friend, told me when she first saw me/met me thought I was scary. It's hard to imagine when you're the person... but it took a while for the wall of defense to come down... I think the fact that my twin and I literally stayed indoors and drew for about 16 years straight (at least whenever we could we were drawing... we'd roll up from bed, draw, and then sleep) kind of didn't help the whole shyness factor... HAH. Although I shouldn't paint such a negative picture of myself... :P
Well, I guess I'll go back to work and listening to Paramore and maybe some more J-rock... (I'm seriously obsessed with Japanese J-rockers... I think it stems from being a huge The Cure fan and Robert Smith). I guess your interests in art don't dictate the type of music you like... I used to be afraid to post anything remotely personal on these blogs until I realized that illustrators- even those that do kids books- are adults and probably like things that aren't all G-rated.... funny, huh? So I figured why not let some of myself show?

Well... I sure hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!

PS:Anyway, I hope you like the drawings. I can't wait to show more-- especially paintings!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Coffee Talks To Me

I don't really have any images to post as of yet... but I finally sent my second storyboards to my publisher for review..... crossing fingers that she likes them!
If she does, I might have to cut and paste a small portion to post here as a sneak preview!

Anyway, I've been waking up with headaches.... which could account for the fact that I've been sleeping in a toddler's bed for a month now (there is no room here), have old glasses that were bent somehow (don't ask), and have a few cavaties (I have to wait until April for benefits to kick in again)... not to mention stress.... har har. And yet, I am not daunted! I still feel like kicking some a$$ and taking some names- as my Dad likes to tell me to do whenever he can.

Meanwhile, I miss Josh like mad... and hope to see him soon but have to wait for a flood of money that should really be going toward my insane amount of credit card debt. Is this post too personal? :D Well, just pretend it's the coffee talking.

I am excited everytime I have a moment to scroll through and look at all the blogs though... It's nice to see all the art and stories that people tell... loving the new look of The Cinnamon Rabbit (Julia Denos), Josh's t-shirt designs (Josh Kemble Illustrations), and Eric Orchard's drawings.... :) All linked here... and of course, there are plenty more interesting posts and blogs of the like. I really wish that Amy June Bates had a blog I could follow as well, for I am a huge fan and would love to see more of her "work in progress" stages of art... If they ever released an "art of Amy Bates" I would have to buy it.

I am currently at my day job wanting to keep writing and reading, but I must work!


To all who read this, thank you and I will try to put something more productive up soon!