Thursday, January 27, 2011


I can't wait for spring to come... and I live in California!
I've been feeling bad for the East Coast and their winter storms... :(
But the sun's been out and staying out longer lately which I am totally grateful for... the weather in Portland really affected me badly when I lived there I think. I never thought it would, but particularly November's "Gray Days."

But I drew some in a pink Prismacolor Pencil in hopes that it will encourage some Spring feelings of warmth and new life! .... I like to sketch in colored pencils... :) Especially Prismacolor because of the waxy thickness.

This weekend will be filled with postcards and promotions! I only have to purchase my postcard stamps and then I will be mailing out my "calling card."

This weekend I will also be going to a birthday party as well as painting for a possible entry in an art show in honor of a friend... It will be involving vespas, polka-dot tights, and pugs in... London!!

I put some links on my website that are related to some of the books I've done. I'm So Not Wearing A Dress has a scene where the main character Shelby is making mudpies with her friend, Nate... so I thought to put a link for people to make "mud-like" desserts! Yum!
They also make keychain-size Converse that can be used as a project... Shelby likes to write her name on her "super speedy" sneakers! Seemed like a fun idea.
I recently did some line-work for the characters in an upcoming title for use as paper-puppets... so once that book comes out, I can upload a file that can be downloaded for that as well.
Which reminds me, I was pretty thrilled to see a couple copies of I'm So Not Wearing A Dress at my local Borders. :)

On a totally different note, the previous post is a lovely story... seriously... listen to it! It will make you glad... :)
Ok, back to work!
(Pugs are snoozing away on their little bed we have set up in our studio. I think its almost bed time?)

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Anonymous said...

I'm always happy when I get to see your work- I love the whimsy :) I understand where you are coming from with the weather in the Northwest. I used to live in WA and I'm moving back next month. I'm very scared because I've become used to a lot of sunny days down here in Colorado.