Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moleskine®'s make good sketchbooks

Well, a number of years ago, I picked up a Moleskine® brand journal and ever since then, can't seem to get over how awesome these little things are... so needless to say, I have been happy to see them all over the place at Powell's Books. I have picked up a three pack of some blank journals to use as a sketchbook and keep track of my submissions.

Here are some sketches I did...

I am also happy that in my one month with the July Group, they have announced interest from Charlesbridge! I should be receiving my fourth contract in the mail sometime soon! The manuscript is lovely... very playful character and challenging! I haven't quite figured her out yet...I just know that I love her and can't wait to get to know her better!!
For those of you wondering what the heck I mean... well, I already posted about how I get attached to the little characters in my paintings... so... can't help but feel like somewhere they have little minds and even though the story closes on a part, they continue to live! Am I crazy? Probably. A cheeseball? Definitely!

Anyway, I am happy!!

I also sent those submissions and meanwhile, have a number of postcards that will be arriving soon as well... I'll send those out once I get them... thanks for all the advice on the images for the cards!! I truly appreciate feedback!

Halloween is coming soon... I would like to be Eloise for Halloween... but I think no one would know who I am and her little school girl outfit might not ... well, it may not read the way I'd want it to... heh... so I think I'll have to think of something else... My twin loves costumes, and owns a couple of her own, as well as makes some, but alas, I have... I think one old Red Riding Hood get-up somewhere in my closet that I wore one year for Halloween??
Am I too old for this???
Don't answer that....

PS: I got an e-mail from the website childrenillustrators site and wondered for those of you that are on this site, do you feel it helps? I know that if you can afford it, why not? More chances for people to see your art... but if you are on a tight budget, it's not always such an easy decision to make.
Any opinions? :)


Moleskiners.com said...

great sketches!

Alexander Wells said...

Really great fluid sketches! Moleskines are always fun to draw in :)

chris.k said...

Ah sweet moleskine sketches-- and congrats with the July Group progress!
I took it a bit far/nerdier with costume stuff as well this year.. you're not alone there ;P ~take pics!

санжог said...

nice sketches, brings smiles.

I draw manga based sketches, but just for my private stash, the truth is me not that good HA HA HA HA, m not ashamed of it, I am trying.

I just close my eyes and imagine the shapes and shades and draw em.

Always a pleasure to see good artists works.

Please do post more sketches.

whitepaige said...
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