Saturday, March 21, 2009


I finished my painting!
I will go ahead and post it here, too.

I already have another painting planned to work on tonight and tomorrow. I hope that I will be financially prepared to start sending out submissions soon!

On a different note, Josh and I went downtown for a little while with our friend Mike Getsiv. I had never been to the art store Utrecht. It's pretty nice! It reminds me of my ol' art store, Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA, but it still doesn't have quite the variety as ASW...or the prices! I miss the people, too!

It was nice to see some sun today and I did notice there are more flowers blooming now! I think Spring really is stepping forward to take over!

So far a nice and productive weekend...


chris.K said...

sugoi! california sunshine and art stores misses you too. lookin' good ~! :]

mai s kemble said...

thank you Chris!!

Eric Scales said...

This is really really nice. I love when someone can take as realistic a background as this (architecture and stuff) and make it just more fantastic and pleasing. I learned about your stuff through Big Illustration party time and am now a follower! Keep it up.