Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I love watercolor...

So this is a snippet of my illustration for a clothing designer... I am really hoping that this does lead to more projects because its been a blast working on this... She's really nice about having the artist be creative and there seems to be a narrative to a lot of her ideas. :)

Anyway, its the budding beginning of working with her so I hope all goes well.

On a different note, I've been keeping up with the news regarding Japan and praying for them all.
I plan on donating to the Red Cross just as soon as I receive my next paycheck.


Josh is playing a computer game where he is a cactus man shooting people on a moving train - with a very silly western soundtrack. He is a green man with a red cape and black hat. It's very funny... Who came up with this idea? I want to shake their hand.

I guess he's been playing a round as little breaks between work. My breaks are usually only interrupted by my dogs needing to go out. If I manage to someday be freelance fulltime, I wonder what I should do as a break? What do you do? I have a feeling it would be mostly watching videos of Miyavi or the GazettE on YouTube. :P

I am going to try and remain positive and work hard! Ganbare!!! (Japanese for "Be strong!").

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