Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just some music...

I've been listening to Miyavi's album Victory Road to the King of Neo Visual Rock on repeat while working on my book... I just find his lyrics to be really uplifting. My twin and I were lucky enough to see him live at the Grove of Anaheim the day before our Birthday last month and ever since then, I can't get that night out of my head. It's really rare for a Japanese rock star like Miyavi to tour America and the great thing about that is you get to see him up close!! If we had seen him in a different country or Japan, the chances of seeing him as close as we were are so close to impossible.
Anyway, I worked all weekend... but wanted to share this little snippet of what I consider a great musician.
It probably is a little weird if you can't understand the language but I guess if you like it you'll look it up! HAH.
I know other artists that listen to certain bands while they work and I've posted before about The GazettE... I guess it's a cultural difference but I find it hard to chat about these Japanese bands because not a lot of people know of them.
I gotta finish more pages... but cheers!

... and just to give an idea of how talented he is... here he is just "messing around" on his guitar (and YES, Miyavi is a MAN. hehehehe...)

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