Thursday, May 28, 2009

For those of you that enjoyed Star Trek... Click on this Title!

My classmate from college is one of the costume designers for some big movies out this year!
Please check out his blogspot and his website to view his work.
It's awesome to see his name in the credits!
I have not seen Terminator yet, but I loved the other two- especially Star Trek.
Congratulations Phil! (and Brian)!

Another rad artist that works on Costumes that I know from school is Oksana- I have a link to her blogspot here as well. (Her work includes the Narnia movies).

Sigh... such great talented people- and wonderful human beings as well!!
Isn't that always nice! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I ended up messing around with this image on Photoshop because I was a little unhappy with the colors I painted it... I think this version is much better...
I need to get better sleep... too much going on in my head regarding finances, my dog, and just general jitters-in-the=night!
I don't like using Photoshop, but when I want to mess with the colors without messing up a painting, I admit, it is useful.
Painting by hand is so much more rewarding, though.  I doubt that red would've picked up much enough to get a nice greenish-yellow that I wanted to test for the bushes.
Oh well.  I hope my twin, Mei, likes this one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Mouse Fellowship

I keep thinking this reminds me of the Lord of the Rings (?? probably because mice are small and this scene makes me thinks of Frodo and Sam) thus the title.
I think it came out a lot more saturated than I intended, but I still like it.
Hope you do, too!

Friday, May 22, 2009

On Pause

So I know I posted a WHILE ago that I would have a new painting up, and yet, it still sits on my desk...
The reason for this is that first, Josh, my fiance, was having horrible tooth aches from an exposed nerve and he has no insurance to use. We had to take an entire day to sit at one of those walk-in clinics that are run by OHSU (or student dentists/professors).
He may need a root canal... but the price was a lot better than if we had gone to a regular dentist. I think it's hard for freelancers to acquire insurance in general, but it really made me feel lucky for having my day job. Once we are married, this should be fixed. I still want to be a full-time freelancer at some point, but I guess there is a plus to having my day job.

Then, about a day later, one of my pug dogs became ill. He was having problems urinating because of crystal build-up in his bladder. I guess it's a little more common in pugs, although still rare, and caused by an inability to break down certain food. We had to have him go through an emergency surgery. We were waiting anxiously this morning to find out if he has recovered but we finally got the word that he's going to be fine. We are to pick him up this afternoon.

So good news that he's ok, but it's been a hellish week!!
So I am grateful to have Monday off so I might catch up on this painting and spend some time with my pug! (and my fiance-it's his Birthday- what a present! He can keep his best friend!).

Thank you to those who helped and cared!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out from Hiding...

I have my next painting all mapped out on paper now and am excited for the weekend to paint it!! Of course, Portland is getting a warm, sunny weekend to tempt me to go outside, but I have my desk right by the window, so hopefully, I will still get some of the sun.
My best friend from California is visiting (almost 99% certain!) the weekend before Josh's family is visiting! I am so excited!  Of course, this also means the apartment needs to be cleaned.
I actually enjoy cleaning (to an extent) so this won't be so bad as long as CK and Dozer decide they like their toys more than our stuff!
On a different note, it's been fun figuring out Twitter and trying to get more involved with that site... as well as Flickr.  I think that trying to get in touch and make some friends in the field help so much! Plus it's always fun to read their blogs and feel happy that you aren't alone in the artworld.  I think actually when I graduated college that was the thing I missed the most-group critiques and hanging out after class working on art together.  We were a hardcore bunch of students at the time... although I always think, "I could've worked harder!"  This is why I love reading and commenting other artists and seeing all of these amazing artists' work!

In the meanwhile, I also hope to land a bit of freelance work as well... I just quoted a possible client and have yet to know whether it is in the bag.  I think the story would be rad to illustrate, but the details must remain confidential.

I also just recently sent my latest publisher my dedications, so I am hoping I will soon see more interiors (if I see them) before they go to print.  I am really excited to see this book when it comes out... I really love the characters in the story.


This weekend: repair vacuum, clean, and paint!!!! Onward and upward!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The lonely cyber world...

I just realized that I had not yet subscribed to some blogs that I had links to on my blog... so now that this is rectified, I can now follow some of my old college friends! :)
I am hoping that when I have the time, I can find them all on Twitter and build up more of a network there... it's a little lonely on Twitter when you first start out... but I think if I were able to keep up to date with my classmates, as well as new friends, it would be pretty fun.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

If Only

I truly sometimes wish that I could draw something and have it become real... because I want this little girl's jacket!  Although I'm sure somewhere, someone has made and is selling a bunny jacket... I couldn't help but think to myself, "I want her shoes, too!"
This is the first thing my sister said to me when I showed her the painting.

The title is Alley Cats because those are her friends.

I have another idea brewing involving pigeons.  Let's see where that takes me.