Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The lonely cyber world...

I just realized that I had not yet subscribed to some blogs that I had links to on my blog... so now that this is rectified, I can now follow some of my old college friends! :)
I am hoping that when I have the time, I can find them all on Twitter and build up more of a network there... it's a little lonely on Twitter when you first start out... but I think if I were able to keep up to date with my classmates, as well as new friends, it would be pretty fun.

Hope everyone is doing well!


cins said...

thanks for adding the postal sketches twitter!

cassia said...

just realised you had a website too. Your work's totally gorgeous, but I particularly love your younger work, 'Goldfish' and 'Tell Me a Story'. Beautiful stuff, m'dear. Very best of luck with it! :0)