Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a few more sketches...

It rained today. Totally beautiful. I think my favorite bridge in Portland is the Fremont, partly because I drive it almost everyday, but also because it is so high up you can see all around- the city, the river, the mountains... just breath-taking. Of course, being originally from So.Cal, this is totally awe-inspiring because where I grew up the only marvel was the ocean. Don't get me wrong, the ocean is beautiful...but there are much more pretty oceans than the view off Huntington Beach Pier.
I may be biased though... I definitely have a preference for a city scape with bridges and a sparkling lights.
In any case, even though I have the WORST night vision, I do think it's beautiful to drive at night.

Actually, funny story... when Josh proposed to me in San Diego, CA, it was at night. He kept trying to guide to what I saw as these dark, ominous alleys where there were no people (he insists there were tons of people around and that they weren't as freaky-dangerous as I thought or thought I saw). I almost ruined everything because I was arguing that I didn't want to get murdered!

Ok, enough of that...

I sketched some more... the scene I drew here of with the fireplace (yes, that's a fireplace) is on hot press watercolor paper.... I found it while rummaging around beneath Josh's art-desk. I remembered how much I adore hot press vs. cold press and had to draw something quick so I could try it out again. :)
If you've never painted on hot press, try it sometime. I love the way the color sits... and shines!

Anyway, happy sketching...
I have to get through some novels I've been addicted to so I can focus!!!

I can't wait... for Friday!!!
Having a day job can be tedious... but well, such is life. Hopefully some day soon, I will have secured more freelance work and will be able to confidently work exclusively on illustration.
Well, cheers all!! :)

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cassia said...

the top left and wee dog are gorgeous!