Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here!  I have been super busy!  I haven't been able to read many blogs let along post anything... but I have been working!  I am ashamed to say that it has been taking me almost two months to finish a job that I had for Fadenrot... and I am posting the final painting that I hope I will have time to finish tonight!!  I have been juggling a weird schedule of working full time, baby sitting part time, and painting on the weekends amidst trying to keep our household afloat... needless to say I have tons of laundry and dishes to keep me busy as well!  But I feel blessed.  I love my new baby and I love our little family life now... ;)  So anyway, just wanted to post a little something to show I am still alive!!
I think some of the work I did previously is printed now at the Fadenrot Shop as well... ;)
Anyway, thank you for visiting and enjoy Spring!!

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