Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving!  I have been busy preparing food, eating, and spending time with family!  Starting tomorrow it's back to work, though.  I feel like my brain is still in quite a daze... too much food and sleep- more than I'm used to!  Of course the coming month of December brings Christmas and so there is still much more to look forward to and be thankful for... :)  I am grateful to have a new project from Fadenrot to start the new month as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Society6 Promo - $5 OFF

When you click on this link it re-directs you to my site and you can then use the $5 off.

but it only works from this link.

Just FYI....
I did add some of the newer paintings there to if anyone is interested.

French Country Idea #1

Here is the painting that I did for a series I thought of doing... It is based on French Country Home Interiors that I love.  I just like to bring a narrative into these wonderful backgrounds/settings :) So I used some reference and altered them to make them into an image I liked..... and also thought up a character.

I have a couple planned out so come back to see the next couple of paintings... ;)  The narrative will get more interesting as the paintings are completed.

Tomorrow is Josh's MFA show so I will be busy helping him set up... I am so proud of him!! He's been working on this for SO long... I think it will be awesome!! I hope to post some pictures of that event as well.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

More Merchandise Available!

I wanted to wait to post this until I was sure all the images were available, but you can now buy not only adorable lingerie, but totes, jackets, hats, etc as well with the new Marie Antoinette inspired images... ;)  I always try to mention that not all of these are my images- you can see which are mine by referencing my website under my "freelance images" link.

Thanks for checking it all out by clicking here!  Use the left hand sidebar to select other mechandise categories!

:)  I'm so happy to see these all on actual merch!! Never gets old!
PS: if you just love this tote, click on the image to go directly to that item's page.  I might have to get one myself... I'm sorry to be so crazy but I'm just so excited to see my illustrations on bags and jackets :)    I'm so happy!

Fadenrot Adorable Marie Antoinette inspired Lingerie

So Fadenrot has more merchandise available with my images printed on them here!
These are so adorable :)

Please check them out!
Here is another example....

This was one of my most favorite projects with Fadenrot ;)


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

French country

One of my loves is home furnishings and decorations.  I really love victorian homes, french country homes, london townhomes, and many others.  So, I decided to use these as themes/starting images for a new series of paintings.  They don't have stories (yet?) but when I see photos of these interiors I can't help but add a little character into the picture in my mind.  I think I have this habit almost in any picture :)

So here is a sketch:

I'm really excited because Fall has definitely and finally come to stay here in southern California as well!  As Josh and I drove home to cast our ballots, there was heavy mist and the crisp cool air had that special Holiday quality to it that only happens once a year... ;)  I've been waiting for it as Fall is my most favorite time of year.  I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is this month!!!  Already!!  Many changes are around the corner for me.... Josh is finishing his MFA program, my best friend is having her first baby girl (Paige is her name- same as one of my most favorite illustrators!), and hopefully, a new Rep and a renewed spirit and drive toward getting to be full-time illustrator and part-time ASW employee (instead of the other way around).  There are other things but a little too personal to post about.... but this month has just felt like the culmination of changes to come!  I'm excited and happy and so very grateful for everything I have... :)

I'm not the greatest writer, but oh well... I hope it all makes sense.