Sunday, October 09, 2011

Shop Fadenrot! (my stuff is printed!)

So I was perusing Fadenrot's website and see that they have new product with my images printed on them!!  :) It's very flattering to see them printed and now I think I may have to buy this sweater...!!!
(NOTE: not all images are mine!)


cins said...

oooh...i don't see shipping to US though. btw, i bought 2 copies of Moon Sweeper, one to keep and one to give to a friend and her kid. They love it.

Mai Kemble said...

what? I will have to email Fadenrot's owner.

And thanks for the Night Sweeper purchase! :) glad they like it!!!


Mai Kemble said...

she said you can order from the US- they ship world-wide.

Erin Sanders said...

I want this sweater but I can't find it on the website :-( LOVE IT! What is the style name?

Mai Kemble said...

here is the link;

I wanna get it too!
Fadenrot replied and said shipping the US should now work... let me know!