Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Here is a new sketch I did for Fadenrot... "Miss Fadenrot"!  Still in the works... :)
Anyway, things are going to get busy!  I have storyboards due Friday, more sketches for Fadenrot, and soon a big book projects involving the little girl from previous posts!


My mom had to put her kitty (a little siamese) Raffy put to sleep after having him for 13 years... This little guy was special.  He slept next to me when I was sick, purring the whole time, and he came when he was called.
I will miss him!

On the other note, he is now in peace- he had cancer so he was withering away.  RIP Raffy!

I do care quite a bit about animals and my pets... I always considered them as part of the family... mostly because they feel the same way!  :)

I am grateful for all the gifts I have been given in life... so I will keep on going and smiling!

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