Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Month of madness...

Soooo I am booked solid for the month!

This week I've been diving head-first into a book and this weekend, I'll be working on a poster for Fadenrot!

Lots and lots to do!!

The following weeks will be more pages for the book and hopefully other projects here and there from Fadenrot- my favorite client ever!!

But well, I really had fun painting this... what I am posting is only part of the picture... The main character and her pal on a typical day...before the plot thickens!!!

(I have to say the computer never quite captures watercolors... :( It's a little sad... I keep getting a bit of a neon quality to some colors... - any suggestions??)


Shirley said...

Congratulations on all of the work, Mai! It looks to be a sweet and wonderful book! You made my day with your wonderful comment..thank you SO very much. It means a lot coming from you (I admire your work so much!)!

Mai Kemble said...

Thanks Shirley!! and for your email regarding working with neon-scans! ;)

hee hee