Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Long Weekend...

Well... this weekend has been full of work! Which is definitely a good thing.
Here are some paintings I worked on over the weekend as well as a logo I am designing...

This is the logo... It is for a camp group that teaches art to children. :0

These are more work for Fadenrot...

I still thinking working for this client has been like a dream!
I have to print out a manuscript I received over the weekend as well to see if I can get it all worked out... I like the first stages of working on a book... letting it kind of stew in my brain, let first impressions really set in, try and highlight instances I felt really stood out in the story, moments I can use to get emotional responses, etc. This book is by a self publisher, but I am not opposed to working for these clients.
I will post the work as I go! This project is due at the end of the month so it should be a bit grueling as far as schedule goes, but it should also be fun!

So, let's keep in touch!

God Bless!


Jennifer Noel Bower said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful work coming your way and all the happy events in your personal life.

theartofpuro said...

Wonderful works!