Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Home...

We will be picking up the keys to our new apartment on the 28th! A two bedroom in a safe, pretty area of Long Beach, CA for a super low price! We are excited! And we think our management are a couple of dears! I love nice people... especially when they are so sweet on animals. :)

After a crazy day of calling and driving and weeping... and sweating!!! we were very, very, very relieved to have landed such a deal. Not to mention, in ONE day!! We were pretty lucky with that! I know that this tends to take quite a bit longer... but we were very, very determined to make the most of the time that we were able to look because of our busy schedules... so I am glad that it didn't take too long.

I really want to take some pictures of the place to show it off! A before and after.... ;)

I am now going to sign off and get busy on re-vamping my project for a client that didn't quite hit the mark... so happy painting (or whatever it is you love to do!) and I hope to have pictures soon... hee hee hee.


cins said...

yay! congratulations!

theartofpuro said...